deep learning labs episode 6

Registration for Deep Learning Labs Warsaw #6 is now live!

January 9, 2020 – Registration for Series 1 Episode 6 of Deep Learning Labs Warsaw is now live! We are hosting the event January 25th in a beautiful new location at Centralny Dom Technologii 🤖 🔥 Sign up and bring your friends to win the next hackathon challenge!

🏆 THE PRIZE 🏆: Each member of the winning team will be rewarded 125$ worth of cloud computing credits on Digital Ocean.

You can check out DLL Warsaw #5 summary here.

We’ve created dedicated Google Colab Notebook that allows you to play with BipedalWalker-v2 challenge by Open AI Gym.

Deep Learning Labs is a series of mini hackathons created by Nextgrid to accelerate awareness of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence with a focus on two areas of machine learning: deep learning and reinforcement learning.