Making Impact with
Reinforcement Learning
and Deep Learning

Accelerating Reinforcement Learning & Deep Learning
Deep reinforcement learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, is evolving at unparalleled speed, but the startup ecosystem is not catching up. Nextgrid’s mission is to accelerate this transition by aggregating & investing in deep learning and reinforcement learning startups that are solving real problems. Nextgrid commits to seed 50 startups & open 20 deep learning labs locations 2020.


Nextgrid is taking Deep Learning Labs online on a global scale to solve relevant COVID-19 problems with AI technology .

AWS join forces with Nextgrid

Togher with AWS we are bringing SageMaker to DLL & Keep providing our portfolio companies with industry-leading infrastructure for AI

RL/DL Seed

Apply to Nextgrid three-months seed program where you validate your idea & product-market fit. We provide you with state of the art compute & weekly mentor hours with industry and technology experts. Nextgrid commits to getting 50 deep learning / reinforcement learning startups off the ground in 2020.


We made big commitment to seed 50 deep learning and reinforcement learning startups within 2020. With our first round of 3 startups more than halfway through the program we are ramping up and taking on the next round of 10 startups.

blue neon backround

Global Covid-19 Mobilization

Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning hold the key to solve many big problems. We want to support initiative #BuildforCOVID19 with a series of DL…