AI Slingshot

Nextgrid’s Slingshot program is designed to accelerate AI innovation & deployment by supporting disruptive solutions from a grassroots level

Application deadline: May 5, 2021
Program start: May 17, 2021

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About Slingshot program

Our Mission is to support you

At Nextgrid we are committed to pushing AI forward by supporting disruptive ideas and the talent behind them. As artificial intelligence is transforming the way we plan and build state-of-the-art technology solutions, AI startups need a new framework. Our Nextgrid Slingshot program aims to accelerate & support disruptive ideas at grassroots levels. Applications close on May 5, and the launch is scheduled for May 17.

The Nextgrid team looks forward to learning about your AI solutions.

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Technically rooted early-stage teams that are building artificial intelligence solutions by developing & training their own models from “low level”, or teams building groundbreaking products using API solutions such as OpenAI GPT-3. If you have questions or would like to talk to the Nextgrid team before submitting your application, please book a call here

  • (Very) early-stage startups working on deep AI technology solutions
  • You have at minimum a strong proven concept backed by theory
  • Highly ambitious team
  • Driven by purpose & positive impact
  • Truly believe you are capable of building the next big thing
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A “Slingshot” framework that allows you to move very fast. Nextgrid works closely with the BIG tech companies and leading AI research labs. We will unlock access to the technologies, infrastructure & AI/Tech expertise required to move fast & train complex models at scale.
To achieve optimal performance and output your AI model often require extensive Hyper parameter tuning and continuous backtesting, at Nextgrid you will get access to both top expertise in the area and the hardware that will allow you to train & HP tune at x10 speed.

  • A 10-week program tailored to accelerate early-stage AI startups
  • Access to state-of-the-art computing & infrastructure
  • Access to AI, cloud computing & tech specialists (We know AI!)
  • A community of AI scientists & engineers
  • Potential to join partner initiatives like research.ibm.com etc etc
  • Mentors from the leading AI organisations such as DeepMind, OpenAI & Google



When the program ends, we expect that you have reached at least the proof of concept state (model works and gives stable output). From here we will provide either assistance with finding the right Angels/VC or, if you qualify, you can join our on-location AI Accelerator..

  • A reliable proof of concept or beyond 🚀
  • Showcase your solution on our AI-tech demo-day
  • Showcase your product on demo day to a group of carefully selected investors
  • Lock investment or join our phase 2 on-location accelerator
  • You become a member of Nextgrid network & family



Helps you with setting the course and executing on it. Weekly office hours with Nextgrid team & Mentors



You can build and train your models efficiently with state-of-the-art infrastructure resources.


Fast Track

At program graduation, we expect a proof of concept and be ready to accept VC funding, or joining our phase 2 on-location AI accelerator.



We know Artificial Intelligence and only accept projects that are based on modern AI technologies.



Access to bleeding edge technologies and opportunity to work closely with the tech providers you find most suitable as a partner.

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Once accepted to the program, you become part of the Nextgrid family and we continue to support you as our alumni.



Once you have proof of concept of a disrupting solution or can show traction we have the network of Angles/VC

Apply now

Slingshot program are open for applications until. After submitting your application you will be updated on the next steps within 48h. Deadline for application May 5th and program start May 17th

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What other say

Access to a large AI community was the most important factor that inspired me to participate in the program. If you are building an AI venture, then you better consider Nextgrid.

Marcin Laskowski

Ceo & Founder of Syndicai.co

Program mentors

The startups accepted to the program will have access to the mentorship and expertise of our extensive network of mentors and advisors, comprised of serial entrepreneurs, experts in state-of-the-art AI technologies & theory, our alumni and industry leaders.

Program start & fit

  • The program will launch May 17
  • Application deadline May 5
  • If you are unsure if you are a good fit for the program book a call with Nextgrid team here
  • You apply to the program using this link
  • If you are at a later stage, check out the AI seed program

Technology resources

We have teamed up with the leading cloud computing providers, hardware manufacturers & AI research labs to provide you with state-of-the-art technology resources tailored to your needs. Whether you need run massive training or hyper tuning jobs we will have the experts to support you and the hardware to make it happen ( Nvidia A100s 🤤 etc etc)


  • Solutions based modern technologies in artificial intelligence such as Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Network, or disrupting applications built on technologies like OpenAI GPT-3
  • You have a incorporated business at start of the program
  • You are concept backed by theory or beyond that stage
  • Able to work a minimum of 20 hours/week on your product.
  • You know how to build AI systems, during the application process you will be vetted by our team make sure it’s the real deal.

How much equity do you take?

In exchange for our services, we receive a 5% equity stake in your business.

What makes Nextgrid better?

There are plenty of seed programs and accelerators out there, but very few actually understand the true nature of artificial intelligence as well as its ecosystem. AI is Nextgrid’s area of expertise and as a result, we fully understand the hurdles and issues that arise when using this technology. Our mission is to supercharge your progress forward and unlock the specific needs that comes with early-stage artificial intelligence development.

How to apply?

Click here and fill out the application form and we will be in touch within 48h with the next steps.

Can I participate online?

Yes! Our program is due to Covid hosted 100% online and accepts applications from all over the world. We aim to bring everyone together to meet once it becomes possible.

Say hello to our friends! 👋

They love Artificial Intelligence just as much as we do and are thrilled to support the people that are building solutions on the world’s most powerful technology

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