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Salz21 AI Hackathon, join and Innovate with AI!

Join us on March 10th and 16th for a unique blend of an online hackathon and an on-site conference, where we will challenge participants to innovate with AI and showcase the most forward-thinking advances in the economic area.

Introducing salz21 – the premier event for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and investors to come together, collaborate and discover the latest cutting-edge technologies on the market.

Our online hackathon will give participants the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the chance to present their projects on stage at salz21 taking place on 15-16 March.

At the conference, you will be able to network with like-minded individuals and discover new opportunities for growth in the field of advanced technologies. Join us and become the very best in your field at salz21!

Are you looking to make a difference with your innovative AI-based solution? Salz21 AI Hackathon is the perfect place to bring your ideas and projects to life.

Here, we provide the resources, guidance and support to help you turn your passion into a reality. Work with us at salz21 and get the tools you need to create an AI-based solution to a current (or future) problem that may change the world.

Join lablab.ai and salz21 to build and innovate with AI. Find all the relevant details in the event page.

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