Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning (AI) Seed 🌱 Program

Nextgrid seed program for business built on DL & RL

We are looking for top talents that are building solutions solving real problems using deep learning & reinforcement learning.
Mathias Åsberg

During Nextgrid three-months seed program, you validate your product-market fit & refine your vision. We provide you with state of the art compute tailored after your specific needs & weekly mentor hours with industry and technology experts.



Weekly office hours where you tap into top experts in DL & RL. Bi-weekly office hours with focus on scaling your business skills.



Nextgrid provide you with infrastructure resources tailored to allow you to work efficiently on your DL / RL model.


Fast Track

At the end of the program we expect you to be ready to take the next step either by acceleration or investment

Program mentors

Technology resources


How much of startup equity you take?

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