Artificial Intelligence
Seed & Accelerate Program

A program tailored to startups & talents building with Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for top talents that are building solutions solving real problems using modern AI technology
Mathias Åsberg

During our 3-months incubation program, you will validate your startup idea, build a Proof of Concept, and pitch to our network of high profile AI investors. We provide you with State-of-the-Art cloud computing & technology access tailored to your specific needs, as well as weekly mentoring hours with industry and tech experts.



Weekly office hours where you tap into top experts in AI. Bi-weekly sessions focusing on scaling your business skills.



We provide you with infrastructure resources that allow you to work efficiently on your RL/DL model.


Fast Track

At the end of the program we expect you to be ready to take the next step either by acceleration or investment.

Program scope

Nextgrid Seed & Accelerate program is focused on supporting talents & businesses building the new generation of solutions where Artificial Intelligence is the key ingredient and a cornerstone in your product.

Our program was created for technical founders and provides the framework, support & understanding required when working with complex technology solutions. Out of the 12 weeks, 7 weeks are fully focused on engineering/development with the purpose of achieving stable results & Proof of Concept for your product.

Who we are looking for

We do not make any assumptions on what stage you are in, we accept businesses in all stages. What we do assume is that your product is based on Artificial Intelligence. If your solution is using Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Network, or solving a problem in the AI ecosystem, let’s talk!

A Few of the Program Perks

Access to up to 100.000 USD worth of cloud computing credits; Business and technical mentoring from industry experts tailored to your needs; Access to business and tech expertise from our technology partners; Connections to our network of Silicon Valley and AI investors; Access to not yet released hardware like new CPU technology from Intel.

At Demo Day, you get to pitch to these guys:

Program mentors

Nextgrid’s network of serial entrepreneurs, Reinforcement Learning & Deep Learning experts, alumni, and industry leaders, will be available as mentors and advisors for the selected portfolio companies to guide them through the program and prepare them for Demo Day.

Technology resources

We are teaming up with the leading cloud computing providers & hardware producers to provide you with state of the art technology tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need 50 Nvidia V100 for your GANs, or Tensorflow Processor Units, we will be able to arrange that and much much more.


  • You are building a business that utilizes Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Network, or solving a problem in the AI ecosystem.
  • You are beyond the concept stage and are able to work a minimum of 20 hours/week with your product.
  • You will need to have a registered business, this is needed for contracts and Intellectual Property. If you do not already have it, we will help you arrange it.

How much of startup equity do you take?

We take 4% of the equity in your business.

What makes Nextgrid better?

While there is a lot of seed programs and accelerators out there, very few actually understand the real AI technicalities and the nature of the ecosystem. We specialize in it and we do understand the hurdles that come with this technology.
Our team has a solid background in science & building with modern artificial intelligence. Our mission is to supercharge your progress forward.

How to apply?

Click here and fill out the application form and we will be in touch shortly.

Can I participate online?

Yes! Our program is hosted remotely, 100% online, and accepts applications from all over the world.