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Cohere January 16 9

AI Startup Hackathon, Build MVP in 7 days using the power of Generative AI!

Join the startup revolution at Build Your AI Startup Hackathon! From 17th to 24th of February, you’ll have the chance to turn your big idea into a minimum viable product (MVP) in just 7 days.

Build your MVP fast and with ease, thanks to the support of a dynamic community and expert mentors.

Learn from the best with hours of educational content, from workshops and talks to one-on-one sessions with industry leaders.

Further support for the most promising projects to help you bring your MVP to market.

Find your perfect co-founders on the platform and take your startup to the next level.

Build with cutting-edge Generative AI tools that will give your startup a competitive edge.

Are you ready to join the startup revolution and build your MVP with Generative AI?

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