Deep Learning Labs


Deep Learning Labs 

The purpose of WDLL meetups is to inspire and motivate tech talent to create solutions with the use of deep learning. This is achieved by tailoring challenges, environment and purpose to attract top talented people. 


Event Sponsors

Forward thinking organizations that support Warsaw Deep Learning Labs

Deep Learning Labs, Event 1-4 video compilation

Official Partnerships

We are partnering with organisations close to our mission & heart 

Warsaw.AI is a vibrant community of AI practitioners coming from technology companies, startups and academic institutions.

Data science summit

Data Science Summit is the largest , independent, data science conference in CEE Region. The event is additionally accompanied by a part with Partners’ stands and Data Science Job Fairs.  Read more:

The ML in PL Conference is an event focused on the best of Machine Learning both in academia and in business working with top research facilities.

Machine Learning Student Society is the heart of AI & ML community at the University of Warsaw. They organize meetups, workshops, research projects, paper reviews and many more.

Golem Student Society’s goal is to connect students interested in AI at the Warsaw University of Technology, in particular the Artificial Intelligence Department. It creates an environment in which it is easier to acquire knowledge about AI and to use it.

Deep Learning Labs Contributors

The R&D of our events is made possible by this group of talented people and the Nextgrid team

Mateusz Bajorek

Mateusz Bajorek

Marek Iwaniuk

Maciej Juda

Maciej Juda

Adam Kliś