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Deep Learning Labs 

The purpose of DLL events is to inspire and motivate tech talent to create solutions with the use of deep learning and reinforcement learning. This is achieved by tailoring challenges, environment and purpose to attract top talent.

Events are organized in form of a competition where participants gather, learn and build cool things together.

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Our events in Warsaw are gaining rapid traction so we are expanding globally. We are looking for organizers in cities around the world. Become local and global influencer with our exciting new format.

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Deep Learning Labs Warsaw was launched to accelerate awareness of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence with a focus on two areas of machine learning: deep learning and reinforcement learning.

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DLL Contributors

The R&D and operations of our events are made possible by this group of talented people in collaboration with Nextgrid team:

Mateusz Bajorek

Mateusz Bajorek

Adam Kliś

Maciej Juda

Marek Iwaniuk


Tetiana Nikitchenko


Rui Zhi Dong


Martina Tararuj

Gene Ishchuk