DLL Global Launch Hackathon #1

Nextgrid launches DLL Global platform for virtual global AI events

April 20, 2020 – On April 18th, 2020 Nextgrid has launched DLL Global, a series of global AI hackathon events that aim to tackle important global issues with the help of deep learning and reinforcement learning technology. The first series of 5 events aims to address important COVID-19 pandemic related problems.

DLL Global is a continuation of Deep Learning Labs, a popular series of on-location hackathon events for deep learning and reinforcement learning enthusiasts. The mission of DLL Global is to mobilize the global AI community to tackle pressing global social issues with the help of powerful AI techniques. DLL Global welcomes industry experts, talents and enthusiasts to participate and the public to follow their progress and results.

We are happy to share that the kick off Hackathon #1 in the series was a success.

The Hackathon #1 challenge was to predict the number of new deaths and cases from COVID-19 for all countries in the world for the upcoming 14 days. You can learn more about the challenge here.

Participants had 24 hours to come up with the best performing AI models and were provided with a top-of-the-line AI computing platform by AWS SageMaker.

The winners will be announced on May 3rd. For the upcoming 14 days the judges will be looking at the accuracy and inventiveness of built solutions. We welcome the public to follow the model performance for each day on lablab.ai.

The first prize for the winning team is $25,000 worth of credits on AWS.

We would like to thank Amazon, NVIDIA, Slack, Digital Ocean, Intercom, hub:raum, Asus, Zoom, Screen.so, and other partners that provided our participants with a seamless online hackathon experience.

The next hackathon of DLL Global series will be hosted May 1st 2020.

Deep Learning Labs Global technology partner is Amazon Web Services.

Learn more at lablab.ai