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Open AI GPT-3 Hackathon - Deep Learning Labs

GPT-3 Deep Learning Labs Hackathon #2 by Nextgrid

April 20, 2021– On April 17, we hosted second episode of GPT-3 Deep Learning Labs Hackathon. DLL are recurring events that attract a community of artificial intelligence professionals and enthusiasts with more than 1000 members and continuously growing.

It is a great pleasure to congratulate team Oompa Loompas for their win. Team Climbers received second place and team To Be Decided – third place. 👏

The presentations of all the teams can be viewed on our Notion page

We thank OpenAI for giving the participants the opportunity to use their top-tier technology.

Last but not least, we want to thank our fantastic mentors Piotr Grudzień, Dominik Posmyk, Steve Tingris, Bakz Awan, Ryan Sevey.

Thank you for all the feedback you gave! We will do everything we can to make our next event even better!

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