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2020.10.05-07 | WOLVES SUMMIT

Mathias Asberg Wolf summit Artificial intelligence

Join Nextgrid at this year’s Wolves Summit.

4 pm Tuesday, October 6th Mathias Åsberg Co-founder of Nextgrid. The talk can be attended at the main stage at Wolves Summit and online.


AI the BIG opportunity

“Since 2012 computing power behind AI algorithms has been growing seven times faster than Moore’s Law. In 2019 AI needed 44 times less computing power compared to solving the same tasks in 2012. This talk will explain and showcase why AI has become the most significant technology shift in modern times”

Mathias Åsberg

Wednesday, 3:40pm , October 7th Sandra Kublik Co-founder of Nextgrid. The talk can be attended online.

sandra kublik

Unleashing human creativity with AI

“Technology so powerful that often idolized and demonized, AI is a dynamite for innovation.
As its capabilities rapidly increase, so does our ability to use and engage with it in new unexpected ways.
A fresh look at the most interesting and surprisingly creative human-machine collaborations.”

Sandra Kublik

If you are interested in understanding how artificial intelligence impacts the way we solve problems and innovate better products/solutions, this is the talks that you don’t want to miss
Head over to the Wolves Summit website to learn more about how you can attend.