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deep learning labs 9

Deep Learning Labs is Coming Back!

July 16, 2020 – It is our pleasure to officially announce the comeback of Deep Learning Labs, Nextgrid’s popular on-site hackathon event series. As the COVID-19 crisis in Poland is stabilizing, we are resuming the events in the Deep Learning Labs Warsaw branch.

Deep Learning Labs is an event series by Nextgrid focused on raising awareness of the recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence to inspire the world’s top talents to innovate and build new business products with the help of modern AI. DLL community originated in Warsaw in September 2019 and is now over 750+ passionate members strong and constantly growing. We are soon expanding to new branches in Kraków, Gdańsk, Barcelona, London, and Zurich.

After 8 successful editions, it is time to nail the 9th one. Registration for Episode 9 of Deep Learning Labs Warsaw is now open. The event will be hosted on August 1st. Each member of the winning team will be rewarded 125$ in cloud computing credits on Digital Ocean.

To register, sign up here:

Kudos to our partners Amazon Web ServicesGoogle CloudDigital OceanASUS, Venture Cafe Warsaw, and District Hall Warsaw for making this event possible.

The summary of the Deep Learning Labs Warsaw #8 can be found here.

To ensure the safety and security of our hackers, the event will be hosted in compliance with the safety rules in accordance with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate’s applicable regulations and recommendations.