Reinforcement Learning Masterclasses

At Nextgrid we’ve prepared a set of Masterclasses for Executives to help you start with RL, navigate through obstacles, and deliver a successful story.

Reinforcement Learning (RL), the most exciting subset of AI, will dramatically change industries in the next 5 years. Practically every business, where tasks can be accurately simulated, will be heavily influenced.

Masterclasses provide problem-solving step-by-step scripts that include theory, practical cases, and action plans.

Masterclass locations are at your premises or online.

‘People need 10.000 hours of training to master a skill. RL can simulate 10.000 years and optimize the complex environment, while we’re having lunch.’

Reinforcement Learning Masterclass for Executives


Technical leaders and technology decision-makers who want to learn more about how RL can provide an advantage to their business.

Masterclasses will help you understand:

  • What is Reinforcement Learning?
  • Is RL viable for my business and industry?
  • How RL can give your business a competitive edge?
  • How to justify ROI and gain a competitive edge?
  • What are the best and worst business cases?


Robotics, Banks, Finances, Healthcare, Governments, Games, Industry 4.0, Education, Transport, Smart Cities, Smart grids, Supply and Food Chains, Post Covid-19…

‘It would be costly to miss the most important technological disruption train.’

We are also providing a set of AI Masterclasses for Executives, Businesses, NGOs, and Governments.